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Sunday Worship 29 March 2020

Sunday Worship 29 March 2020 Poem used by Wednesday Fellowship History will remember when the world stopped And the flights stayed on the ground And the cars parked in the street And the trains didn’t run. History will remember when the schools were closed And the children stayed indoors And the medical staff walked towards the fire And they didn’t run. History will remember when the people sang On their balconies, in isolation But so very much together In courage and song. History will remember when the people fought For their old and week Protected the vulnerable By doing nothing at all. History will remember when the virus left And the houses opened And the people came out And hugged and kissed And started again. Kinder than before. By Donna Ashworth

Sunday 22 March Worship

Worship Andrew Brazier

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Amazing Grace Material for worship HHMC Streaming licence CCLI  262814 

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Lent Lecture Andrew Brazier

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Lent Lecture 2 Jessica & Tom Dalton

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Lent Lecture Bob Blencowe

Lent Lecture 2020

Lent Lectures 2020   (Season 3) (7.45pm -Coffee, 8.00pm start, 9.30pm end) “What is on your heart?” 4 th March -               The ‘F’ word                                                             Bob Blencowe 11 th March -             Mental Health      Jessica & Tom Dalton 18 th March -             Knife Crime                                    Rev. Andrew Brazier 25 th March -              Ghana                                   Rev Quophie Anoche-Abadio 1 st April -                   Christian Jewish Relationships                                     Katharine Crew

Sunday 15 March 2020

Morning worship Preacher - Jenny Harris Order of service - StF 377 Down the mountain the river flows  StF 446 I will offer up my life Setting scene Prayers inc bidding & response Gracious God, life giver, We praise You for Your gift of living water. Lord’s Prayer. - modern Exodus 17:1-7 StF 544 As the deer pants for the water John 4.5-42 collection StF 441 As water to the thirsty Sermon StF 518 Father, hear the prayer we offer Intercessions StF 673 Will you come and follow me Blessing


 We at Hemel Hempstead Methodist Church plan to post our weekly orders of service and sermon recordings on this blog. We hope you will benefit from hearing the preaching which comes from our church.