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Sunday 28 June

Sunday 21 June

Sunday 14 June

Sunday 14 June

Judith Bell

Recording of Facebook service

Written order of service, prayers and hymns.

June Messy Church

Black Lives Matter

Hello Everyone! After our service today, here our the resources about ways you can help, support or donate to Black Lives Matter causes. Please help and support in any way you feel able. If you can't donate directly, there is a collection of videos which you can watch at the bottom of this post: all of their ad revenue and money earned is going to BLM charities. Thank you for your help,
Love and Thanks  To learn more about the movement and ways you can help: -
Petitions you can sign: Justice for George Floyd
Ban the use of inhumane rubber bullets
Stop the UK government from sending rubber bullets, tear gas and riot shields to the US
Places to donate:
Donate to the bail project

Bible month resources

Sunday 7 June 2020